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Styling fresh florals in your home doesn't have to be daunting, in fact it's very simple! Follow our easy-to-use tips. 

Kitchen Islands

Chose a large, chunky vase or pot to emphasize large bright blooms. Contrasting colors between your vase and flowers will help the blooms pop. 

Large Bathroom Vanity

Bathrooms are a great spot for fresh flowers. They add a pleasant smell and sense of freshness in the space. For larger vanities, welcome in a medium-sized vase and statement blooms to really reveal fresh. 

Small Bathroom Vanity  

For smaller bathroom vanities, specifically high-traffic half-baths, a dainty vase with a single stem makes all the difference. Choose a glass vase and a single stem of your favorite fragrance-packed floral to welcome guests to your home. 

Dining Room Table 

Don't overthink your centerpieces! Just like with a kitchen island, choose a large vase or pot to hold your florals. Choose something flowing and texture to hang over the vase, providing an eye-catching scene without doing too much. 

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